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2019 begins

One of my favourite smells is the lemon scented gum tree. After heavy rain, you can smell the lemon – it is fresh and summery. I could smell these gums on my way to my morning swim. A beautiful way … Continue reading

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Consolations of The Lord

“Consolations of The Lord” is an interesting and somewhat quaint expression and it has given me cause to stop and ponder about what it means. While recovering from a major illness a few years ago, I used to try to … Continue reading

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Thoughts to make your heart sing

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I struggle to find thoughts that make my heart sing. Sometimes events in life make me sad, discouraged, angry or frustrated – and there is no melody ringing in my heart.  I am … Continue reading

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A house of books

Living in this house has been a bookworms delight as there are many bookshelves filled with books. Some are old friends while others are begging to be picked up and read. So much choice. My aunt made it easy and … Continue reading

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Little Shelford

There is Great Shelford and then there is little Shelford. In Little Shelford you will find a library, an allotment, a church, a school and 800 people. We visited some friends who live there last weekend, went to church there … Continue reading

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Gardens and fly through London

Our final day in Oxford was unusual – warm and sunny and the gardens beckoned. I had been promising myself time in some gardens but the weather has not been conducive. I spent some time in the Royal Botanic Gardens … Continue reading

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Alice’s day

On 4 July 1862 Charles Dodson, an Oxford don, took Alice Liddell and her two sisters on a boating picnic up the River Thames from Folly Bridge in Oxford. To amuse the children he told them a story about a … Continue reading

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The Magic Faraway Tree

One of the hard things about excellent adventures and travelling is what you leave behind. In this case, I have left my three adult children  and I miss them. Our son Johnny is in Fiji on a short term mission … Continue reading

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Caleb’s Crossing and other random thoughts

I resisted reading Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks for nearly eighteen months.  It has sat at the bottom of a pile of books beside my bed and never quite reached the top.  I took it away with me somewhat reluctantly … Continue reading

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Loving the way Jesus loves

I like reading parts of the Bible slowly.  This year I have been reading 1 Corinthians 13 again and again – not every day, but certainly a few times each week.  I have particularly focused on verses 4-8 which describe … Continue reading

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